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Assistance Dog Teams Graduate From Assistance Dogs of Hawaii - Assistance Dogs Hawaii

Assistance Dog Teams Graduate From Assistance Dogs of Hawaii

Assistance Dog Teams Graduate From Assistance Dogs of Hawaii

Courthouse Dog Faith will be among those graduating from Assistance Dogs of Hawaii (ADH) on Sunday, December 14th.   The graduation ceremony will be held at ADH’s main campus in Makawao, HI. The teams are currently attending Assistance Dogs of Hawaii’s Team Training Camp on Maui.  The dogs were recently matched with their new partners after completing 1 ½ – 2 years of training and passing rigorous health and temperament screenings.

Graduating Teams:

Hawaii Prosecutor’s Office and Courthouse Dog Faith – Faith is a two year-old black Labrador who works full time assisting Mitch Roth and the Hawaii Prosecutor’s Office. She provides courage and comfort to children who are victims of crime and helps them to find their voice through the difficult legal process.  Next year, Hawaii will become the first state in the country to have a Courthouse Dog in every jurisdiction.

Stephanie and Social Therapy Dog Scout – Stephanie lives in Makawao and has a new best friend and companion named Scout. Scout is a 3 year-old Labrador Retriever who brings love and laughter to Stephanie every day. Scout helps Stephanie with social interactions and tasks around the house. On the weekends they both enjoy paddling with the Kihei Canoe Club!

Maui Homeless Resource Center and Therapy Dog Emmitt – Emmitt is a beautiful 1 ½ year old Golden Retriever that brings fun and friendship to children of families living at the Resource Center in Wailuku. Many of the children had to leave family pets behind and appreciate their regular visits with Emmitt.  Emmitt is a gentle and fun loving dog who enjoys cuddling and playing fetch!

Medical Scent Detection Dogs Abe, Aka and Angel – The “A Team” are 2 year-old Labrador littermates who are participating in a groundbreaking research study at the Rehab Hospital of the Pacific in Honolulu. They are the first dogs in the world to work in a clinical research study in a hospital setting. They have been taught to provide early detection of certain life threatening conditions with extremely high accuracy rates. The results of the research will soon be published in a medical journal.


Assistance Dogs are carefully selected based on breed, health, and temperament and begin training at 7 weeks old. They must complete four stages of training: Kindergarten, Basic, Advanced and Graduate, which takes about 1 ½ to 2 years. Service Dogs learn over 90 commands and are trained to perform specific skills that will assist their partners.

Team Training Camp

Students attend an intensive two to three-week Team Training Camp with the dogs they have been matched with. The teams learn to work together and the recipients must memorize the 90 commands that the dogs already know. Students also learn about canine psychology, health care and how to bring out the best in their canine partner.


Teams that complete Team Training Camp celebrate their accomplishment with a graduation ceremony that marks the beginning of their new lives together. Past graduates, trainers, puppy raisers, breeders, sponsors and supporters all attend graduations and join in celebrating the successful accomplishment of each graduating team.

Follow Up

ADH provides free follow up visits and training for the life of each team. This is especially important for graduates that may have disabilities that are progressive. The dogs continually learn new skills that may be needed to help their partners.

About ADH

Assistance Dogs of Hawaii is a 501-C(3) non-profit organization that provides Service Dogs to children and adults in Hawaii with physical disabilities.  ADH is based on Maui and has recently opened a new state of the art training facility.  ADH specializes in training Service Dogs for people with disabilities and assists in placing Guide Dogs for the blind, Hearing Dogs for the deaf and Seizure Response Dogs for people with seizure disorders.  Thanks to the generosity of its supporters, ADH places its Service Dogs and lifetime follow-up training free of charge to the recipients.

Community Outreach Programs

ADH reaches hundreds of people in the community each week through a variety of therapy programs designed to benefit, support and enhance the lives of people with physical and developmental disabilities in our community.

Contact: Mo Maurer (808-250-5799, mo@assistancedogshawaii.org)


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